White Christmas in much of Greece on Tues.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018 11:13
facebook/ Ηλίας Δούραλης
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Dipping temperatures, drizzle and even snow in northern Greece and the country's mountainous regions are on the weather forecast for Tuesday, Christmas Day.

Snowfall is expected to continue southward and in lower altitudes as the day proceeds, reaching south-central Greece, the large island of Evia and even the greater Athens area. Gusty winds in the Aegean are forecast at 8 on the Beaufort scale.

A "White Christmas" is expected in the mountains surrounding greater Athens into Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

The winter storm that rolled through Greece on Tuesday covered some 600 kilometers from north to south in just 12 hours, from northern Greece to Crete. In other words, the storm front travelled at roughly 50 kilometers per hour.

On average, temperatures dropped 10C from Monday to Tuesday, with Florina, in extreme northwest Greece, at -3C.


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