Latest mainstream opinion poll again show double-digit % point lead for ND over SYRIZA

Sunday, 24 March 2019 22:50
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Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party fields a 9.2-percentage point lead over ruling SYRIZA in a poll measuring voters' preferences for the upcoming May European Parliament election.

The poll was conducted by the Metron Analysis firm and published in the Sunday weekly "Vima".

Specifically, center-right ND is given 27.1 percent of respondents' preferences to 17.9 percent for hard left SYRIZA.

The social democrat grouping KI.NAL, mostly coalescing around once formidable PASOK, comes in third, with 5.8 percent, followed by ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn at 5.3 percent and the Communist Party, 4.8.

The undecided percentage reached 11.6 percent; 7.6 percent for the "no answer" portion".

The same poll gives ND a 10.8-percentage point lead SYRIZA in terms of voters' preference for national elections, 36.8 percent to 26 percent.

"Vima" and its sister paper, the daily "Ta Nea", have been critical of the current Tsipras government.

Conversely, a staunchly pro-government and pro-SYRIZA weekly, "Documento", over the weekend put the difference between ND and the ruling party at only 2.3 percentage points, publishing results by opinion poll firm, Vox Pop Analysis, that emerged in May 2018.

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