Violence outside Corinth courthouse related to fatal shooting of alleged burglar

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 14:29
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Violent rioting was reported outside a courthouse in the southern Greece city of Corinth on Tuesday morning, as numerous members of a local Roma (gypsy) settlement attempted to enter the building and accost a 35-year-old resident accused of fatally shooting a 52-year-old Roma man.

The first man is charged with shooting the victim with a shotgun after the latter allegedly tried to steal chickens from the former's rural residence, in the village of Solomos. The victim's body was then transported and left outside a quarry in the area.

Another man accompanying the victim escaped the gunfire and reportedly told the victim's relatives about the incident.

Police later recovered spent shotgun shells outside the residence and spotted blood stains, with the victim's body later located.

Riot police were posted outside the courthouse and at the alleged assailant's residence, after relatives of the deceased man assembled nearby.

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