Judicial council rejects latest application by convicted N17 for prison furlough

Friday, 10 May 2019 11:34
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Members of a first instance judicial council in the central Greek port city of Volos have rejected the latest application for a prison furlough by notorious "November 17" arch-assassin Dimitris Koufodinas.

The notorious urban terrorist is currently incarcerated in a Volos-area prison farm to serve 11 life sentences for homicide.

The application was the seventh in a row by convicted terrorist, and the second in a row that was rejected.

According to initial reports, the reasoning behind the ruling is that Koufodinas does not fulfill the conditions of the current legal framework - amended in 2015 - for a temporary release. Specifically, he is described as unrepentant for his nearly two decades as an far-left urban terrorist. Additionally, the terror group's numerous crimes - including assassinations, bombings and armed robberies - are not eligible for beneficial provisions governing such furloughs.

Koufodinas remains hospitalized for precautionary reasons after complaining of illness four days into a hunger strike to demand that his application be approved.

In a related development, members of an anti-state group occupied the offices of the low-circulation "Avgi" daily in downtown Athens on Friday morning in protest against the decision. Avgi is the party-affiliated newspaper of the ruling SYRIZA party

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