PwC: Value of approved, but unfinished infrastructure projects in Greece valued at 25 bln€

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 12:54
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Uncompleted infrastructure projects in Greece are valued at 25 billion euros, according to the annual PwC study on the specific sector, which includes transports, energy, tourism projects, irrigation and the all-important waste management.

The specific but unfinished infrastructure projects are either in the middle of implementation or in the planning phase.

According to the study, 10.6 billion euros of the estimated 25 billion euros in valued projects deal with energy infrastructure; 7.4 billion euros for rail infrastructure and 4.3 billion for highway projects.

Uncompleted tourism-related infrastructure and waste management projects comprise 1.3 billion euros and 900 million euros, respectively.

Of 88 infrastructure projects cited, 51 are in an advanced stage of planning and 37 are underway.

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