Govt appears to back down on proposal to change definitions of rape in penal code, amid firestorm of reaction

Thursday, 06 June 2019 11:39
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The relevant justice minister on Thursday, from Parliament's podium, announced an "improvement" in proposed changes in the criminal code referring to the definition of the offense of rape, succumbing to scathing criticism by the opposition, civic and feminists groups and even ruling SYRIZA MPs over the prospect of downgrading certain instances of rape to misdemeanors.

Amnesty International this week also chimed in on the furor, calling the definition proposed by the hard leftist SYRIZA government as unacceptable. Bloomberg also focused on the issue with an extensive report.

Other high-profile amendments being promoted by the outgoing Tsipras government are downgrading, from felonies to misdemeanors, the recruiting of people for terrorist groups and the possession of explosive materials and the possession and manufacturing of firebombs, among others.


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