Outgoing govt petitions high court to bypass law freezing recently announced hiring of 15K teachers

Friday, 14 June 2019 22:53
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The outgoing leadership of Greece's education ministry this week petitioned the Council of State (CoS), the country's highest administrative court, to exclude the recently announced hiring of 15,000 educators for state schools over the coming three-year period.

The official declaration of a general election in the country, which took place on Monday and set the date for Sunday, July 7, blocks the continuation of the hiring process, as per the standing law.

The poll-trailing Tsipras government had abruptly announced the 15,000 hirings just prior to disastrous election results for ruling SYRIZA party in the both European Parliament election and local government races.

Although the prospect of hirings for the education sector had been mentioned previously, with main opposition New Democracy party also referring to a need for future hirings of younger teachers, the declaration of a snap election apparently caught the outgoing ministry leadership by surprise - with the latter now seeking a high court ruling to side-step the law.

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