ND given double-digit percentage point lead in latest opinion poll

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 19:56
SOOC/Konstantinos Tsakalidis
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New Democracy (ND) continues to field a sizable lead, this time in double-digit percentage point "territory", over SYRIZA in the latest opinion poll unveiled this week.

The poll was conducted by the Marc firm and presented on the Athens-based television station Ant1.

Specifically, center-right ND is given 34.3 percent of respondents' preference, to 23.8 percent for hard left and incumbent SYRIZA. The Kinima social democrat formation is given 6.6 percent; 5 percent for the Communist Party (KKE) and 3.2 percent for ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn. Two newcomers, Yanis Varoufakis' MeRA24 and the conservative Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) are shown as entering Parliament, with the former polling 3.4 percent and the latter 3.2 percent.

 In an extrapolation of the results, based on valid responses, ND is given 35.1 percent, to 24.4 percent for SYRIZA, a difference of 10.7 percentage points.

If the results panned out, ND would field 156 seats in Greece's 300-MP Parliament.

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