Seasonal northerly winds, the 'Meltemia', clock in at 106 kph in Karystos, southern Evia

Sunday, 30 June 2019 22:35
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The Aegean's fabled summer winds, the gusty northerly "Meltemia", reached gale force strength over the weekend, with the velocity in the southern Evia harbor town of Karystos reaching 106 kilometers per hour, according data compiled by the national observatory in Athens and the Meteo site.

The ancient harbor town of Karystos, in the extreme southern tip of the large island of Evia, has long been billed as one of the most wind-swept locations in Greece.

Elsewhere, the wind velocity at the Koronos site, on the Cyclades island of Naxos reached 93 kilometers kph; 92 on the isle of Schinousa.

The northerly winds affected most of the Aegean islands, Crete and the southeast Peloponnese.   

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