Weekend opinion poll projects slim to comfortable center-right ND Parliamentary majority

Sunday, 30 June 2019 22:52

Κλείσιμο κάλπης για τον β' γύρο των αυτοδοικητικών εκλογών την Κυριακή 2 Ιουνίου 2019. (EUROKINISSI/ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΠΑΝΑΓΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ)

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The latest opinion poll released over the weekend shows a continued comfortable lead for New Democracy (ND) party over incumbent ruling party SYRIZA, with the center-right party also polling even voters to field more than 150 deputies in Greece's 300-MP Parliament, i.e. a majority government.

The poll, conducted by the MRB firm and published in the weekly edition of "Ta Nea", gives ND between 35.4 and 40.4 percent of respondents' preference, extrapolated from valid responses. Hard left SYRIZA polls between 26.5 to a ceiling of 31.5 percent.

Another three parties are more-or-less guaranteed as entering Parliament, necessitating a showing of above 3 percent of the general vote (valid ballots), while two newcomers are also "flirting" with Parliament representation.

Based on all the possible calculation from the results derived in this specific poll, ND is projected to field anywhere from 155 to 163 deputies.

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