Final Pulse opinion poll before elex shows ND 36% to 28% for SYRIZA; majority of MPs for former

Thursday, 04 July 2019 21:42
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Results of 36 and 28 percent, respectively, are given to New Democracy (ND) and SYRIZA in a latest opinion poll unveiled on Thursday, a day before a ban against publishing such results takes effect ahead of Sunday’s general election.

The opinion poll was conducted by the Pulse firm and presented on the prime-time Skai TV newscast, the harshest media critic of the outgoing Tsipras government in the country.

The median difference between the leading center-right party and the hard left incumbent was eight percentage points.

Nothing has changed in terms of the following trio of parties: socialist KINAL (7 percent), the old-guard communist party KKE (5 percent) and a rapidly imploding neo-Nazi formation, Golden Dawn (4 percent).

Two newcomers, Yanis Varoufakis’ euro-leftist MeRA25 and the national conservative Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution), are shown as exactly on the threshold of entering Parliament, 3 percent.

The percentage of respondents who declared themselves as undecided or declined to answer fell to 7.5 percent, a normal trend as elections near.

Finally, the Pulse poll predicts a majority of deputies for ND (above 150 MPs out of 300), even in cases where only five or six parties enter Parliament.  

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