Wildfire erupts on Tues. afternoon near blaze-devastated Mati settlement

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 16:36
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A wildfire erupted in the Rafina municipality on Tuesday afternoon, only a couple of kilometers south from where Greece's deadliest wildfire claimed 102 lives exactly a year ago to the day.

The main thoroughfare connecting the greater Athens area to eastern Attica prefecture, Marathonos boulevard, was initially cut-off to vehicular traffic to allow only emergency vehicles the right of way.  

Brush and some forest areas were involved. Further to the north, another wildfire was reported in the northeast Attica township of Varnavas.

A very large force of firefighters, vehicles and police were on the scene, in part to the fallout from last year's bungled attempts to prevent a fast-moving wildfire from scorching the coastal Mati settlement in a matter of hours.

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