Commission begins legal process against Greece over 2 lignite-fired PPC units

Friday, 26 July 2019 11:18
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By N. Bellos

The European Commission has designated two of Public Power Corp.'s (PPC) lignite-fired power units, at Amynteo and Kardia, as unsuitable due to high emissions, with the next step being the commencement of a legal process against Greece that could lead to a ruling against the country.

The Commission also commenced the process for another two instances of alleged violations of Community law, namely, ones dealing with biodiversity and bio-fuels.

The reasoning behind Brussels' action is that the Greek state is not protecting citizens from harmful air pollution generated by the "old tech" lignite power units, citing EU directive 2010/75.

In a related development, the relevant energy and environment ministry has reportedly made its choice for a successor of current PPC CEO and president Manolis Panagiotakis. The same sources said the successor will also hold both posts.

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