Greek volleyball federation protest over alleged Prespa agreement violation

Friday, 02 August 2019 20:20
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Greece's volleyball federation on Friday sent a note of protest to the European federation (CEV) over a video that purportedly shows the men's team of the Republic of North Macedonia participating at a European tournament wearing uniforms emblazoned with " Volleyball Team Macedonia".

Greek officials called on the CEV to enforce provisions in the landmark Prespa agreement  on the name of the neighboring country, as well as to ensure that the mutually agreed to and international confirm name is used at the upcoming European championship.

The contentious Prespa agreement generated wide-spread opposition on both sides of border, but was eventually passed by both the Tsipras and Zaev governments, with most of the international community (sans Russia) applauding the compromise.

Nevertheless, the current Mitsotakis government in Greece has promised to ensure that every provision is strictly met, given that the now ruling center-right New Democracy (ND) party had publicly opposed the pact and rejected its Parliament ratification.

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