Gov't promises simplified seaplane route framework within 2 months

Tuesday, 06 August 2019 19:12
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The new government on Tuesday announced a two-month timetable to compose, present and ratify a a simplified legal framework for the operation of seaplane routes in Greece, which has numerous islands and prime littoral districts not serviced by commercial airports.

Half a dozen ministers convened on Tuesday in the latest effort to finally allow commercial seaplane routes in the country, an elusive prospect that has been considered for at least two decades, but one that has been blocked by ubiquitous Greek bureaucratic "red tape" and questions over commercial viability - i.e. number of maximum carried passengers versus operating costs.  

The biggest obstacle to date has been the issuance of seaplane points of take-off and landing, such as who has jurisdiction for this type of commercial aviation, among others, as well as site specifications.

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