Retroactive law signed, firing controversial competition com't president Thanou

Monday, 12 August 2019 19:34
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The relevant development and investments minister on Monday signed, as widely expected, a series of ministerial acts that essentially terminate the term of Competition Committee president Vassiliki Thanou, the same watchdog authority's vice-president and two rapporteurs who are also board members.

The signature by Minister Adonis Georgiadis merely finalized the terminations, days after the new Mitsotakis government hastily passed legislation prescribing the retroactive application of new code of ethics clauses for appointees on such independent regulatory authorities in Greece.

By most accounts, Thanou, a former supreme court president, was the main target of the legislation, with ruling New Democracy (ND) having repeatedly promised to fire Thanou - during the recent campaign season ahead of the July 7 general election. ND emerged as the first-place party and formed a majority government.

Thanou was seen as a highly partisan choice for the post by the previous Tsipras government.

The contentious law, 4623/2019, was passed by the government majority last week and pubilshed in the government gazette on Aug. 9, 2019, thus taking effect.

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