Fire brigade: Total of 67 wildfires in Greece over 24h period; most extinguished immediately

Monday, 12 August 2019 22:41
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A total of 67 wildfires and outdoor blazes were reported over the previous 24-hour period around Greece, according to the national fire brigade, with most of the incidents dealt with in the initial stages.

Greece, like much of the European south, annually faces the specter of summertime wildfires due to arid conditions, high winds and remote access.

A deadly wildfire at the Mati coastal settlement in eastern Attica prefecture - east of Athens proper - claimed 102 lives in late July 2018.

The worst blazes over the weekend and on Monday were on the small isle of Elafonissos, of extreme southeast Peloponnese, a well-known camping destination, as well as on the eastern slope of Mt. Hymettus, opposite the greater Athens area in the Peania township.

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