More wildfires erupt overnight, biggest blaze in north-central Evia

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 11:11
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Another spate of wildfires erupted in the early morning hours around Greece after midnight on Tuesday, with the most ominous blaze in north-central Evia island, which straddles the eastern coastal mainland.

The fire was burning near the village of Makrymalli, with smoke seen from scores of kilometers away, even in the greater Athens area.

A large fire-fighting continent was on the scene at day break, with the relevant public order minister, Michalis Chrysohoidis, also at the site, along with civil defense officials.


The blaze was centered in a Natura-protected pine forest amid gusty northerly winds.

A new wildfire was also reported in the northern Aegean island of Thasos, as well as at the Prodromos site in south-central Viotia prefecture.

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