Police operation in Exarchia district to end 4 building squats

Monday, 26 August 2019 22:41
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Greek police on Monday announced early morning raids to end "squats" at four buildings in the central Athens district of Exarchia, a hub of self-styled anarchists and anti-state activists in the country.

The operation, which relied on a sizable police force, including riot police, removed 143 foreign nationals - 57 men, 51 women and 35 minors - that had found shelter in the four properties, mostly asylum seekers and irregular migrants, mainly from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea and even Turkey.

Three individuals were arrested at one squat, two local men and a French national.

Up to 43 squats have been recorded in the municipality of Athens.

Although recent such raids aimed at drug trafficking networks operating from the specific district, Monday's operation did not turn up illegal narcotics.

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