Merkel praises reform package presented by Greek PM Mitsotakis in Berlin on Thur.

Friday, 30 August 2019 13:42
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The first meeting between Angela Merkel and new Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Berlin, since the latter assumed power after the July 7 election, was viewed as positive and productive by both sides, with a modest agenda of talks mostly focusing on reforms that the center-right government will quickly implement.

As previously reported, Athens' pressing desire to reduce annual primary budget surplus targets (as a percentage of GDP) until 2022 was, at least according to reports, not discussed, given that the "official line" holds that such a negotiation and decision is the domain of European institutions and the Eurogroup venue.

The main theme emanating from the meeting at the chancellery is the prospect of direct German investments in Greece, and specifically in the energy and recycling sectors.

"Germany and Greece want to cooperate in the future, more closely, in the sectors of energy and climate (change)," Merkel confirmed afterwards, merely noting that bilateral relations are good and can be improved even further.

Both leaders also touched on the specter of illegal immigration, praising the EU-Turkey agreement.

"I am pleased that a central point of work by the new Greek government is to invigorate this agreement ... so that refugees will return and thus stop illegal migration," she said.

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