Ruling ND still in 'honeymoon period', latest poll shows; 13.5%-point lead over main opposition SYRIZA

Thursday, 19 September 2019 23:19
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Ruling New Democracy (ND) continues what is apparently a “honeymoon period” after the July 7 election, with one of the first opinion polls of the new autumn season showing the center-right party with a 13.5-percentage point lead over main opposition SYRIZA, which fell from power a little more than two months ago.

The poll, conducted by the Pulse firm and presented on the prime-time Skai TV channel, showed ND garnering 39.5 percent of respondents’ preference, almost identical to the percentage of the general vote it received in the general election.

Leftist SYRIZA slips some four percentage points from its election showing, pooling 26 percent of respondents’ preferences.

A majority of respondents, totaling 58 percent, said ND’s tenure in power so far is “better than expected” or “as good as expected”.

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