Lebanese tourist arrested on int'l warrant for 1985 plane hijacking, murder released after authorities point to name mix-up

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 11:30
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A 65-year-old Lebanese man arrested last week on the jet-setting island of Mykonos on an international warrant involving two 1980s terrorism incidents, including a plane hijacking and murder, has been freed. Authorities in both Greece and Germany reportedly failed to establish any link between the man and the wanted terrorist.

Besides a Middle Eastern origin, the released man - identified as a well-known journalist in Lebanon - has the same name as the suspect wanted in the 1985 hijacking and murder of a passenger, US navy diver Robert Dean Stethem.


TWA Flight 847 was seized by terrorists thought to belong to south Lebenon-based Hezbollah, a claim the Shiite militant group denied.  

The same man listed in the arrest warrant is sought for a kidnapping committed in 1987.

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