Draft bill envisions e-voting for approving strikes; arbitration in employer-union talks

Friday, 11 October 2019 22:36
George Vitsaras / SOOC/George Vitsaras
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By S. Papapetros

Draft legislation tabled in Parliament on Thursday foresees the prospect of electronic votes for decisions by union members on whether to approve of an industrial action, as well as the prospect of excluding businesses faced with closure from extensions of collective bargaining agreements.

The provisions, including in a new development draft bill, fall along the lines of the new center-right government's promise to liberalize Greece's labor sector. Nevertheless, the draft bill has already generated sharp reactions by unions and the leftist opposition.

Another provision in the draft bill foresees the possibility of unilateral recourse to arbitration - under strict conditions - as well as an extension of the current national general collective bargaining agreement under the end of 2019.

One "worker-friendly" article specifies that a more than two-month delay in the payment of wages will be considered a "detrimental change" in employer-employees relations.

The general context of the draft bill also aims to curb part-time employment in favor of full-time work.

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