CNN rates Top 17 Greek villages; Arcadia's Stemnitsa in first place

Thursday, 17 October 2019 15:00


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In a break from the ubiquitous "Top ...something" lists of best Greek islands and beaches, which crop up periodically in international media, CNN this week breaks with the trend and lists 17 of the most picturesque villages in the east Mediterranean country, some on islands.

The CNN list includes

1. Stemnitsa in fabled Arcadia prefecture, in the central Peloponnese of southern Greece  

2. Aghios Georgios (St. George) Nileias, in the verbant and mountainous Pelio district on the coast of eastern central Greece  

3. Arnaia, in northern Halkidiki prefecture, the top tourism and holiday destination in northern Greece

4. Ano Syros, on the Cyclades island of Syros

5. Pyrgi, on the eastern Aegean island of Hios (Chios)  

6. Iconic Oia on world-renowned Santorini  


Oia - Santorini  

7. Litochoro, in the uplands of Pieria prefecture, north-central Greece, beneath Mt. Olympus

8. Medieval Lindos, above the eponymous archaeological site, on the popular Dodecanese island of Rhodes  



9. the main village (Chora) on upscale Folegandros, in the western Cyclades 

10. Assos, on the large Ionian island of Cephallonia 

11. Apeiranthos, on Naxos, the largest and increasingly international destination of Naxos

12. Papigo, a premier mountain destination the Pindus range of northwest Greece



13. Remote Kalarrytes, built in a gorge in Ioannina prefecture, in northwest Greece

14. the picturesque harbor town of Gythio, in Laconia prefecture, in extreme southern Greece

15. Katastari, on the Ionian island of Zakynthos  

16. Kastro (castle) on the Cyclades "jewel" of Sifnos, and finally,  

17. Acharnes, near site of a Minoan-era settlement, on the large island of Crete



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