Draft bill expected to finalize sell-off of natgas utility; further liberalize sector

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 19:37
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By K. Deligiannis 

The last details are being included in an omnibus draft bill affecting the energy sector in Greece, with the expected highlights being the process to privatize the state-run natural gas provider (DEPA) and greater flexibility for the dominant electricity utility (PPC) to select contractors and personnel.

The draft legislation will reportedly be submitted to the Cabinet for discussion and then to parliament for debate and a vote.

Other provisions include more incentives for investment in recyclable energy sources and a further liberalization of the energy market in the east Mediterranean country.

In terms of the natural gas provider, the government wants to separate the current utility into two subsidiaries, one for supply and the other for infrastructure, both of whom will be privatized via an international tender.

Nevertheless, in a bid to ensure unbundling, bidders for one subsidiary will be excluded from bidding on the other.

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