ANEN shipping picks up 'Aiolos Kenteris I' in auction; second vessels after 'Theofilos'

Thursday, 21 November 2019 11:23
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By L. Karageorgos

The Crete-based ANEN shipping lines has acquired a second fast-ferry that was once owned and operated by the NEL lines, the iconic "Aiolos Kenteris I", which was purchased after the "Theofilos".

An auction for the vessel concluded on Wednesday, with a winning bid of 2.02 million euros, marginally higher than the starting price of two million euros.

An auction on Wednesday for the "Aiolos Kenteris II" and "Taxiarchis" was cancelled, reportedly due to a lack of interest.

ANEN acquired the "Theofilos" for 380,000 euros.

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