Reports: Athens to request less strict fiscal targets; ANFAs/SMPs profits at Tuesday's EWG meeting

Monday, 25 November 2019 13:18
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Greece's finance ministry's leadership will attempt to pry two concessions from Eurozone partners at Tuesday's Euro Working Group meeting in Brussels, with the first and foremost being greater fiscal flexibility by lowering annual primary budget surplus targets that Athens must meet until 2021.

The Mitsotakis government will also request that profits generated from Greek bonds (ANFAs and SMPs) in the possession of the ECB and individual Eurozone member-states' central banks be funneled back into Greek state coffers. The returned profits, if the request is granted, are earmarked for use in the "real economy", rather than a premature payment of Greece's debt.

One "key" in the entire process will be the conclusion in a Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSA) of the Greek debt, in tandem with the recently concluded fifth post-bailout review of the Greek economy, which is held in the ongoing "enhanced supervision" that the country has found itself after the end of the third and last bailout in August 2018.

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