Prosecutor in GD trial recommends guilty verdict for prime homicide defendant; acquittal for another 17

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 14:02

Ανακοίνωση της πρότασης από την Εισαγγελέα Α. Οικονόμου, στην δίκη της Χρυσής Αυγής, την Τετάρτη 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2019. (EUROKINISSI/ΣΩΤΗΡΗΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ)

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The first prosecutorial recommendation in the explosive and prolonged trial of an ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn member, charged in the stabbing death of a rapper more than six year ago, came on Wednesday, more than four and a half years after it commenced.

Three-justice appeals court prosecutor Adamantia Economou recommended a guilty verdict against the confessed perpetrator, Giorgios Roupakias, while she recommended the acquittal of another 17 defendants in the same case.

In a summation, Economou held Roupakias as solely responsible for the homicide of 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas in September 2013. Fyssas was known as an anti-fascist rapper, reportedly the reason he was targeted by Roupakias during late-night street encounter in the working-class Piraeus-area district of Keratsini.

Additionally, she judged that Roupakias, a mid-level cadre of the extremist group, acted alone and was not provoked by the victim.

Nearly 70 people were initially charged in a massive indictment, including Golden Dawn's (Chryssi Avgi) now out-of-Parliament leadership.

Critics have charged that the extensive and lengthy investigation, followed by a voluminous indictment implicating Golden Dawn as a criminal organization, considerably delayed the trial, allowing the self-confessed perpetrator, who was apprehended at the scene of the homicide in possession of the murder weapon, to remain outside jail for years - and after an initial 18-month maximum pre-trial incarceration.

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