Latest opinion poll shows respondents' concern over Turkish provocations; still smoldering migrant/refugee influx

Thursday, 23 January 2020 23:25
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A majority of respondents, reaching 62 percent, in an opinion poll unveiled on Thursday evening express concern over the last instances of Turkish provocations in the eastern Mediterranean, while also considering the still unresolved migrant/refugee crisis as a major issue facing the country.

Results of the poll, by the Pulse firm, were presented on the prime-time evening newscast of the Skai television station.

A majority of respondents backed the positions taken by the ruling New Democracy party vis-a-vis the Turkish provocations, as well as the role played by France. Influence by Germany, the EU and the US, however, were deemed as negative, regarding the same issue.

Some 55 percent of respondents said the actions and initiatives by the Mitsotakis government in Greek-Turkish relations are positive/or possibly positive; 36 answered negative or possibly negative.

Asked about the still smoldering migrant/refugee crisis, given that dozens to hundreds of third country nationals continue to land on a handful of eastern Aegean islands after being ferried over from the opposite Turkish coast, 49 percent of respondents said the government's announced measures are in the right direction. The Mitsotakis government has announced closed migrant shelters and stepped up patrols of borders in an effort to better combat the flow of irregular migrants who illegally enter Greece, in a bid to reach preferred destinations in central and western Europe.

In terms of political party preference, 38 percent of respondents picked ruling ND; 25.5 percent main opposition SYRIZA and 6.5 percent favored the KINAL socialist party grouping.

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