Seven out of 10 employers surveyed in Greece reports difficulty in finding skilled employees

Friday, 31 January 2020 17:01
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Nearly eight out of 10 surveyed employers in Greece - specifically 77 percent - face difficulty in covering open job spots, an 11-year high, according to results of the annual employment study by ManpowerGroup for 2019.

Specifically, Greece is in third place on an international listing in terms of difficulty in finding skilled employees, after Japan and Romania.

The figure of 77 percent is the highest in Greece since the study first debuted worldwide in 2008, while it exceed the same number for the country by 16 percentage points, compared to 2018.
"Technicians" are the most wanted group of skilled employees in Greece, surpassing "professional salespersons" in first place, and with "certified engineers" now in second place.

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