Covid-19 crisis: Greek gov't details measures, exclusions for unprecendeted ban on public movement

Sunday, 22 March 2020 22:16
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The Greek government on Sunday evening detailed the ban a wide array of public movements throughout the country, as the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak reached almost 100 over the weekend.

A coterie of ministers ticked off the particulars of the much more restraining regime, more than an hour after Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the restriction.

Although covering all public movement, an array of exclusions were cited, with the months-old conservative government also now relying on online platforms and mobile applications to receive and grant permission for public movements - a hereunto unheard of process for Greece's often creaky public sector.

Those exempted from the measure are healthcare staff of all types, civil protection employees, law enforcement and armed forces personnel.

The "laundry list" for a resident to leave their home include:

1. Traveling to and from a workplace during normal business hours.
2. Traveling to a pharmacy or for a scheduled medical appointment.
3. Traveling to a store for basic goods, when no home delivery is available.
4. Traveling to a bank if an online transaction is unfeasible.
5. Traveling to assist people in need.
6. Traveling to a social event, i.e. a wedding, baptism, funeral etc, but in accordance with the ministerial law passed last week limiting public assemblies.

7. Outdoor exercise - most two people together - or to walk a pet. Moving back to one's main residence.

People on the move must bear a police ID or a passport, and an affirmation on the need to move in public.

Violation will carry a 150-euro fine.

Additionally, playgrounds, outdoor exercise facilities, marine marinas, parks and green-spaces will be closed.    


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