Covid-19 outbreak: Greek govt considering even stricter measures to prevent non-essential movement in public

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 13:34
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By G. Kampourakis

The Greek government is reportedly considering even stricter measures against non-essential movement in public spaces, after reports and footage purportedly showing scores of people walking and jogging in parks and promenades.

The most reproduced footage and photos are from the seafront in Thessaloniki, with media reports pointing to last weekend.

Government sources are reportedly considering time limits on travelling to and from employment and other exclusions, such as grocery shopping or to visit a pharmacy.

In the wake of media attention, Thessaloniki municipality on Tuesday said the seafront pedestrian way will be closed for most of the day.  

Meanwhile, violations of the quarantine restrictions continue on a daily basis, with nearly 2,200 fines issued on Monday alone, while 15 people were arrested for opening their business.




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