Covid-19 outbreak: 2,384 new confirmed cases in Greece; 41 related fatalities

Tuesday, 10 November 2020 19:16
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New confirmed Covid-19 cases again shot up on Tuesday compared to the previous day, again rising above the 2,000-mark to stand at 2,384. The single-day record for new confirmed cases in the east Mediterranean country remains 2,917, recorded last week.

Tuesday's marked the fourth day of a three-week-long general lockdown in the country, although the current lockdown is much less stricter than the one instituted in early spring.

The single-day number of related fatalities again reached 41, bringing the death toll to 866.

Ominously, the number of acute cases being treated in hospital ICUs rose to 263 - 30 higher than on Monday - while another 336 previously treated patients have been discharged from ICUs since the pandemic's advent.

The average age of coronavirus-struck patients intubated in ICUs is 66, with 86.3 percent either suffering from an underlying health condition or above the age of 70.

The average age of the pandemic's victims in Greece is 79, with 96.5 percent having suffered from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70.

The total number of Covid-19 cases confirmed in Greece is just over 60,000, low compared to other European country, but expected to rise with the increasing number of daily tests.

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