Covid-19 outbreak: Highest number yet of intubated patients in Greece, 336

Friday, 13 November 2020 18:53
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The number of Covid-19-afflicted patients needing intubation and care in hospital ICUs continued to rise in Greece, a worrying trend for public health officials, with the number on Friday reaching 336, as the feared "second wave" of the pandemic has resulted in a general lockdown in the country at least until Nov. 30.

The number of related fatalities on Friday, on a single-day basis, was 38, slightly down from previous days. Additionally, confirmed single-day cases of coronavirus infection on Friday reached 3,038, also slightly down from previous days.

In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 70,000 cases have been recorded in Greece, while the death toll is now 997.

Although significantly lower than other European countries, the ongoing "second wave" of the Covid-19 pandemic caused infections, fatalities and ICU cases to increase by nearly tenfold from the summer.

Of the patients intubated, the average age is 65, while 81.8 percent are either above the age of 70 or suffer from an underlying health condition.

In terms of the pandemic's victims, the average age is 80 and 96.6 percent were above the age of 70 or suffered underlying conditions.

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