Covid-19 outbreak: Highest figure yet in Greece for number of cases being treated in ICUs, at 400

Monday, 16 November 2020 21:21
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The number of Covid-19 patients intubated with acute cases of the virus reached an all-time high in Greece on Monday, at 400, while related single-day fatalities reported totaled 59.

The number of new confirmed coronavirus infections detected over a 24-year period reached 2,198, down from Sunday's figures.  

The average age of coronavirus-stricken patients in hospital ICUs is 65, of which 79.5 percent either suffer from an underlying condition or are above the age of 70.

The death toll from the pandemic reached 1,165, with the average age of the victims 80, and with 97.2 percent either having suffered from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70.

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