Covid-19 outbreak: Slow, but steady drop in confirmed infections continues in Greece; lockdown since first week of Nov.

Thursday, 14 January 2021 19:30
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Single-day confirmed instances of Covid-19 along with the number of cases of intutabed patients fell on Thursday, compared to the previous day, continuing a downward trend into the seventh week of a partial nationwide lockdown.
Conversely, and on a disappointing note, related fatalities (33) were slightly up, compared to Wednesday.
Specifically, 559 new infections were detected (671 a day earlier), while the number of acute Covid-19 cases being treated in hospital ICU fell to 328. Of the latter, the average age is 69, with 88.1 suffering from an underlying condition or above the age of 70.
The death toll since the advent of the pandemic reached 5,387. The average age of the victims is 79, while 95.4 percent suffered from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70.

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