Reports: Greek high court strikes down law allowing relocation of Athens mountain-top casino to choice spot in Maroussi district

Friday, 15 January 2021 14:21
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Φωτογραφία αρχείου (20/6/2006) του Καζίνο της Πάρνηθας .

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A Greek high court has reportedly ruled that a 2017 allowing the transfer of the greater Athens area's only casino from a mountaintop overlooking the capital city from the northwest to a choice spot along a main thoroughfare adjacent to the Olympic complex (OAKA) and biggest shopping malls is unconstitutional.

Initial reports point to a decision considering the specific law - passed by the previous leftist SYRIZA government - as "photographic", i.e. aimed at facilitating the specific investment.

The development means Hyatt Regency casino operating atop Mt. Parnitha - best known as the iconic Mont Parnes resort and casino - cannot implement its business plan of relocating to a large tract of land in the Maroussi district in northern Athens along Kifissias Boulevard - one of the most prominent pieces of non-coastal real estate in greater Athens.

To proceed, the current government would have to draft new legislation and ratify the law through Parliament, and with the Council of State ruling as a blueprint.

The adjacent Halandri district - one of the very few municipalities in greater Athens headed by a far left administration - Hyatt Regency's rival, the debt-plagued and troubled Loutraki casino located more than 80 kilometers away in Corinth prefecture, as well as local residents, had taken recourse to the courts against the law.   

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