Covid-19 outbreak: Related figures in Greece on Fri. almost identical to previous day; retail sector reopening

Friday, 15 January 2021 19:27
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Covid-19-related figures in Greece on Friday remained at mostly the same levels of the previous days, with the slow but steady decline of the pandemic's "second wave" brought about a same-day government decision to reopen the retail sector in most areas.

Specifically, 610 new single-day infections were reported on Friday, up from 599 a day earlier. At the same time, 319 patients suffering from acute Covid-19 symptoms remained intubated in hospital ICUs, down from 328 on Thursday. Finally, 34 related deaths were reported over the last 24-hour period, one higher than on Thursday.

The average age of those patients in ICUs remained fixed at 69, with 87.8 suffering from underlying conditions or above the age of 70

The death toll, meanwhile, rose to 5,421 since the beginning of the pandemic, with the average age of the victims remaining at 79, and with 95.4 percent of the victims either having suffered from an underling condition or were above the age of 70.

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