Covid-19 outbreak: Single-day confirmed infections reach 1,222 on Sat.; small increase in ICU cases

Saturday, 13 February 2021 23:35
UPD:14/02/2021 01:32
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New single-day confirmed instances of Covid-19 reached 1,222 on Saturday, with nearly half (561) reported in the greater Athens area, and another 53 in isles close to Athens.

The total number of infections in the country since the advent of the pandemic now exceeds 171,000.

Another 26 related fatalities were also announced, bringing the death toll from the pandemic to 6,103. The average age of the victims remained fixed at 79, with more than nine out of victims having been over the age of 70 or with underlying conditions.

Finally, the closely watched figure of acute Covid-19 cases being treated in hospital ICUs increased to 300.

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