Covid-19 outbreak: New record number of intubated patients in Greece on Fri.; at 521

Friday, 12 March 2021 20:24
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The number of acute Covid-19 cases being treated in hospital ICUs continued to increase, with Friday witnessing another record high for 2021, with 521 intubated patients reported, up from 506 the previous day.

The average age of these patients is 67, with 83.5 percent suffering from an underlying condition or above the age of 70.

Conversely, the number of new single-day Covid-19 infections reached 2,405, slightly down from 2,570 the previous day.

Moreover, another 49 related deaths from the pandemic were announced on Friday, down from 51 the previous day. The death toll so far from the pandemic just shy of 7,000 (6,986).

The average age of the victims is 79, while 95.8 percent suffered from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70.

Total Covid-19 infections in the country slipped just above the 217,000-mark.

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