Bioethics com't in Greece recommends obligatory 'jabs' only as last-ditch measure, and only for specific pro groups

Friday, 18 June 2021 21:43
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A recommendation by a national bioethics and techno-ethics - urgently requested by the Greek government - calls for obligatory Covid-19 vaccinations only as a "last ditch" measure and then only for specific professional groups, such as staff at public and private healthcare facilities, as well as in units treating people in at-risk groups, such as the elderly or with people with special needs.

The recommendation was included in a report made public on Friday, and was posted on the committee's webpage, something announced earlier by the government spokeswoman, Aristotelia Peloni.

Committee members mostly advised stepped up public awareness campaigns and specialized campaigns for specific groups, such as physicians, nurses, lab personnel etc on the need to get vaccinated for the virus.

If obligatory Covid-19 vaccinations are legislated for such professional groups, then individuals refusing the "jab" may possibly be prevented from legally exercising their occupation.

In response to repeated media queries over the issue, the Mitsotakis government has merely said it was awaiting the committee's report, with any decisions left for debate in September.

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