AEK FC: Ridiculous case against team's ownership confirmed as conspiracy

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 23:32
Eurokinissi Sports/ΜΑΚΡΥΔΗΜΑΣ ΚΩΣΤΑΣ
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Circles close to popular AEK FC team on Tuesday referred to an "absolute confirmation" of their initial charges of a conspiracy against the club's owner, following the tabling of findings by the chief investigator of the Hellenic Football Association's ethics committee, Andreas Athanasiou.

The team's officials had from the beginning pointed to a dubious attempt to discredit the club's ownership, while adding that the case will not be abandoned until absolute vindication is achieved.

"AEK will continue until the very end for the full quashing of this slander, and we are sure that the court's final decision will unravel this ridiculous case in its entirety. No shadow shall remain; the truth will shine triumphantly," a statement by the club read.

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