Greek govt announces first 'perks' for vaccinated individuals; 'Covid-free' establishments to be decided by business owners

Tuesday, 29 June 2021 13:18
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The Greek government on Tuesday announced a more-or-less expected first round of "perks" for people in the country vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus, essentially allowing proprietors to choose whether to become "Covid-free" premises.

The announcement, by two top ministers, comes a day after the Mitsotakis government announced a plan to reward people aged between 18 and 25 with a pre-paid card worth 150 euros for getting vaccinated, all part of a stepped up campaign to reach higher levels of vaccination in the country amid the ongoing tourism season. The pre-paid card will be available in the second half of July, and will be used for theatrical performances, museums, travel etc.

Eateries, cafes, bars, clubs and other such establishments can be divided into "vax-only", "mixed", or, simply remain in the same regime as today, namely, outdoor areas, with limited seating and mandatory face masks for staff.

"Mixed", in this case, means that customers with a recent negative rapid or PCR test will be accepted in such areas. The "vax-only" category includes people that have been contracted the virus previously.

In "vax-only" indoor spaces, excluding bars and clubs, a capacity of 85 percent will be enforced. Mandatory wearing of face masks will continue for indoor cinemas and theaters, while parents must have a negative self-test result for accompanying minors.

The measure come into effect on July 15.

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