Covid-19 outbreak: New instances again hover at 1,800; related fatalities, intubated patients steadily drop

Tuesday, 06 July 2021 23:39
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New single-day instances of the Covid-19 virus reached 1,797 on Tuesday, nearly triple since last week, raising concerns that a surge of the Delta variant amongst the unvaccinated in the country.

Total infections in Greece since the advent of the pandemic neared 430,000.

Conversely, the number of related fatalities remained in the single digits, with eight related fatalities reported over the past 24 hours. The death toll now in the country stands at 12,754, with 95.2 percent suffering from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70. The average age of the victims remained fixed at 78

Additionally, 168 patients remained intubated in ICUs, suffering from acute Covid-19 symptoms. Their median age is 66 years and 88.1 percent have an underlying condition or are 70 or over.  

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