Ο Κρόνος ξεπέρασε τον Δία σε αριθμό φεγγαριών, μετά την ανακάλυψη άλλων 20

Τρίτη, 08 Οκτωβρίου 2019 09:54

Thanks to the latest discovery from Carnegie Science, Saturn now has 20 new moons, stealing the Moon King crown from Jupiter with a satellite count of 82!   Now, these moons are gonna need some names, which is where you come in! Check out how you can name one of Saturn's moons in this video here:   (Or head on over to for a full outline of the naming contest)   -----------------------------------------------------------   Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter:   Like us on Facebook:   and if you really like Lunartic videos then please support us on Patreon: