Athens demands Libyan ambassador present MoU with Turkey over EEZ delineation; expulsion reportedly to follow

Friday, 29 November 2019 21:17
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Athens is reportedly ready to manifest its extreme displeasure with the latest attempt by Turkey to erase half the islands of the Aegean, including Crete, in the wake of a memorandum of understanding the neighboring country announced this week with the Tripoli-based "Government of National Accord (GNA)" in Libya.

The Greek foreign minister has given Libya's ambassador to Greece until next Thursday to present the MoU or else face expulsion, according to reports.

The Greek government has also invited the interim speaker of Libya's house of representatives, who is backed by Khalifa Haftar, a powerful political and military rival of the weak Tripoli-based GNA, as well as handing demarches to Ankara and Tripoli and bring the latest instance of "Turkography" to the EU and NATO settings.

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