Vandals target home of well-known Greek radio talk/news host

Thursday, 06 February 2020 22:59
UPD:07/02/2020 22:36
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Well-known Greek talk radio presenter Aris Portosalte on Thursday posted photographs on his personal Twitter account showing spray-painted slurs against him and his media outlet, Athens-based Skai, scrawled on his apartment building, as he said.

In a Tweet, the veteran journalist and outspoken pundit charged that "Rouvikonas' fascist storm troopers in a terrorist attack tonight at my apartment building's entrance. Democracy in danger.."

He was referring to a self-styled anarchist "collective" notorious for acts ranging from the innocuous tossing of pamphlets to throwing  paint "bombs" at offices or outside high-profile "targets", but also to extensive vandalism and even the gang-like bullying of individuals, all captured on video and then posted on an anti-state website that also posts "proclamations" by urban terrorists.

Portosalte is considered as one of the most influential and controversial talk radio host in Greece, known for his frank style and his relentless criticism of the former leftist SYRIZA government.

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