No changes in fiscal targets until 2022, according to finance ministry circular

Thursday, 13 February 2020 13:05
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A relevant circular by the deputy finance minister requests data and figures from ministries and all general government-affiliated entities in order to compose an updated Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy Framework for the 2021-24 period, a request that is based on the standing scenario of no revisions in the primary budget surplus targets that the Greek state must achieve until 2022.

According to the circular by Deputy Minister Theodoros Skylakakis, the annual fiscal target of a 3.5-percent primary budget surplus target, as a percentage of GDP, remains unchanged, "without fiscal interventions and new policies, beyond those that have already been legislated to date."

In other words, promised cuts this year in tax rates - such as in the so-called solidarity levy and property tax rates - are not calculated.

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