Council President Michel, Greek PM in Evros on Tues., as pressure builds on EU's southeast borders

Sunday, 01 March 2020 23:10
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EU Council President Charles Michel will tour the Greek-Turkish frontier on Tuesday accompanied by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with the former expressing the European Union's support for the protection of the Union's borders.

The statement comes as Greece continues to prevent a wave of thousands of third country nationals, would-be asylum seekers and irregular migrants from numerous countries, from breaching the border in northeast Thrace province. The latest migrant/refugee crisis began when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, smarting from military losses in Syria's Idlib province, declared an "open border" policy vis-a-vis the EU.

Taking to Tweeter, Michel noted that "Support for Greek efforts to protect the European borders. Closely monitoring the situation on the ground. I will be visiting the Greek-Turkish border on Tuesday with @PrimeministerGR Mitsotakis."

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